Everything the GQP stands for, kills.

  • The GQPs response to Covid-19 kills.
  • The GQPs vaccine comments, kill
  • The GQPs Climate change denial kills
  • The GQP environmental policies kill.
  • The GQPs deregulation policies kill.
  • The GQPs Gun policies kill.
  • The GQPs Immigration policies kill.
  • The GQPs Health care policies kill.
  • The GQPs support of the big lie kills
  • The GQPs racism kills
  • The GQPs misogyny kills
  • The GQPs homophobia kills.
  • The GQPs bigotry kills.

I suppose this is positive from their point of view: if more of their enemies die than their supporters, it’s all good. One very Ayn Randian Death Cult.

With such a division I am not surprised that this is going on.

The broad outlines of America’s partisan divides are visible on any national map. Republicans typically dominate in most Southern and Plains states, and Democrats in Northeastern and West Coast ones. Democrats cluster in urban America, Republicans in more rural places.

But keep zooming in — say, to the level of individual addresses for 180 million registered voters — and this pattern keeps repeating itself: within metro areas, within counties and cities, even within parts of the same city.

I wouldn’t want to live in a death cult area either.

  • March 18, 2021