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The Georgia Flip?

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For a period in history, there existed something called the Whig Party. A group of disaffected Nationalist Republicans and Democrats who saw a need to unify the country after the horrifying presidency of Andrew Johnson. One of the main tenets of the Whigs was a limit on presidential power. Unlike the 1830s Whigs, today’s Republican Party has flipped theirs. Leading Republicans are taking the strategic gamble that the politics of anger will carry them to election victories in the runoff races for the state’s Senate seats representing Georgia. By symbolically disenfranchising black voters in Georgia and ignoring their unprecedented march to the polls, Republicans are hoping that the ghost of Trump maintains their power in the United States Senate.

Of course, this again calls for them to both insult the intelligence and the honor of their electorate by lying to them. Fooling them into believing that a grand conspiracy was hatched to steal the election from their cult leader, telling Trump voters the national election was close, and that Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will lead Joe Biden down the road to Venezuela, they hope these mistruths encourages Trumper’s revenge. I grew up at a time when the term brown-nosing was self-explanatory, the GOP has taken it to a new level with the Trump administration, please don’t squeeze the Charmin.

Republicans famously accused former President Obama of cutting and running in Iraq. Meanwhile, the current crop of Republicans is slashing and sprinting. Slashing through the fabric of honest American elections and sprinting past the graves of those who fought to maintain our democracy; one might say they think they are suckers and losers. I could not say it better than Republican consultant Stuart Stevens who opined that if the [current] Republicans had been around in 1776 we would be [still] celebrating the Queen’s birthday. I woke up this morning to the sight of more cowardly Republican lawmakers sprinting past microphones to avoid admitting the truth of Joe Biden’s historic election win. Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA.) is currently in a runoff with the Rev. Raphael Warnock. Loeffler, along with her fellow Republican Senator David Perdue, whose runoff opponent is Jon Ossoff, are both calling for the resignation of Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger for… I don’t know, not enough voter suppression?  

Ms. Loeffler was in a heated dispute this summer with members of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) for her demeaning comments about the  Black Lives Matter movement.  Loeffler is a marginal owner with the Atlanta Dream and said of Black Lives Matter, “I believe it is totally misaligned with the values and goals of the WNBA and the Atlanta Dream, where we support tolerance and inclusion.” I bring up that incident because the irony of a league comprised predominantly of people of color being accused of not being aligned with PEOPLE OF COLOR is absurd on its face. So is Sen. Loeffler now upset that black voters were not made to count the number of jelly beans in a jar or pass a literacy test?

Georgians, Vote January 5th for Change.  


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