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“It was a line in Stacey Abrams’s recent writing that irked Fox News host Tucker Carlson more than anything she said in the Democratic response to Tuesday’s State of the Union.

“By embracing identity,” she wrote in Foreign Affairs magazine last week, “Americans will become more likely to grow as one.” That means, Abrams wrote, finding a better way forward for those marginalized throughout U.S. history: Women. Native Americans. African Americans. Immigrants. The LGBTQ community.

That message was on full display in Abrams’s Democratic response, with her standing in front of a multicultural group of people and rebuking the policies championed by President Trump. The 24 hours following her speech were littered with praise from Democratic heavyweights who talked about how the former Georgia gubernatorial candidate welcomed the diversity of the American identity in a way that Trump often rejects.

Carlson, however, likened the Democratic rising star to a demagogue, suggesting she wants to “overthrow” one unnamed group not included in that list of marginalized people in her Foreign Affairs article: white men.

“Unity is definitely not what Stacey Abrams is interested in — just the opposite,” Carlson said on his Wednesday show. “What she’s selling is bitter division.”


Here is a link to Abram’s piece if you want to find anything in it that vaguely resembles Carlson’s remarks.

You won’t.

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