The FOX News BS Factory Tries to Bury Biden's Accomplishments in a Pathetic Piece of Propaganda

After 26 years of devoted service to the Republican Party and the uber-conservatives of America, no one is going to be surprised by Fox News posting stories that are brazenly partisan and littered with lies. It's what they were created to do, and they surely have not disappointed their political benefactors. Well, perhaps with the exception of Donald Trump (and much more here).

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In their continuing crusade to malign President Biden, Fox News sought to report on what the American people think of the President. So they went to a suburb of Washington, D.C., and asked some of them. The resulting story was headlined, “Americans weigh in: What's Biden's biggest accomplishment?”

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So for this story that purports to reveal the sentiments of the American people, did Fox News conduct a poll? Did they embark on a research project to ascertain the mood of the general public? Did they interview experts on politics or sociology? Well, if you've ever watched Fox News you already know that they don't engage such professional standards of journalism.

Nope. For this story about what Fox News portrayed as the broad population of “Americans weigh[ing] in” on Biden's accomplishments, they compiled the views of only four anonymous people on the street whose political affiliations are unknown and whose views cannot be judged for credibility. These four “representatives” of the nation in Fox's skimpy sample were asked what they thought Biden has accomplished. Their answers were as follows:

“Fighting the pandemic with the availability of vaccines,” one woman told Fox News. “I think he's a great president for the four years he'll be here, and I'm very pleased with that.”

“I can't think of anything,” one woman told Fox News.”

“Another man said: “I don't think he has one big accomplishment.”

“Binging (sic) his sobriety to the presidency,” one man, Bob, told Fox News. “Bringing a sense of decency back, bringing stability back, bringing the thought process back.”

And that's it. That's the entirety of the Fox News story. Except, that is, for pointing that Biden plans to run for reelection despite his low poll numbers. But, Fox News doesn't even believe that Biden won in 2020. And somehow they still expect people to regard them as a credible news network.

In a district that voted 80% for Biden, Fox News could only find two people who could provide examples of his accomplishments. For the record, here are a few of Biden's accomplishments that Fox News made certain wouldn't make it into their story…

  • Effectively managed COVID with vaccines and relief payments to millions of Americans
  • Lead an economy to record growth, job creation, and historically low unemployment
  • Reversed dozens of Trump's anti-environmental executive orders
  • Nominated the first Black woman to the Supreme Court
  • Restored Obamacare to the state prior to Trump’s sabotage of it
  • Invested billions in infrastructure
  • Rejoined the Paris Climate Accords and the World Health Organization
  • Advocated for workers rights and a higher minimum wage
  • Pushed legislation for voting rights
  • Strengthened foreign relations and unified NATO

Of course, Fox News wouldn't dare report on any of that. It would only conflict with their goal of disparaging Biden. And if you're wondering why his approval ratings are so low, you're seeing one reason why in purposefully dishonest reporting like this.

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