The former guy's nutty attack on Karl Rove reminded me how grateful I am he's no longer on Twitter

The tweets are gone, and they’re never coming back.

You probably already saw yesterday’s dispatch from the McRib-bespattered writing nook of our ex-pr*sident. (Is the McRib back yet? I can never keep track. They’re like meaty cicadas crawling out of the ground when you least expect it. Though if anyone can concoct a vegan McRib for me, I’ll consider including the recipe in one of my upcoming missives. Accept my challenge, you army of saucy flesh-nuzzlers!)

Okay, that went off the rails a lot more quickly than I anticipated.

Back to what I’m talking about. I won’t embed the rant here, but here’s a quick recap: “Karl Rove said something I didn’t like, so I whined for two pages and made up a bunch of weird shit about him.”

  • March 5, 2021