'The fix is in': Sessions' firing — and a challenge to the Mueller probe — now seem inevitable

This excerpt from a new Washington Post story should leave us all gobsmacked:

White House aides have tried to convince Trump that firing [Jeff] Sessions could trigger more problems than it would solve. A senior White House official said the goal was to delay a firing, because Trump’s advisers do not think that stopping it is possible.

In other words, Donald Trump appears determined to spark a constitutional crisis by putting in place a lackey who will seek to end the Mueller probe. And what happens after that — well, who knows?

President Trump, who levied extraordinary public attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions in recent weeks, has privately revived the idea of firing him in conversations with his aides and personal lawyers this month, according to three people familiar with the discussions.

His attorneys concluded that they have persuaded him — for now — not to make such a move while the special-counsel investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign is ongoing, the people said.

But there is growing evidence that Senate Republicans, who have long cautioned Trump against firing Sessions, are now resigned to the prospect that he may do so after the November midterm elections — a sign that one of the last remaining walls of opposition to such a move is crumbling.

One of those Senate Republicans, Lindsey Graham — who throughout his interminable political career has been conspicuously unburdened by a spine — has recently begun hinting that Sessions’ ouster in inevitable. And, according to The Post, even Sen. Bob Corker has said, “My sense is the fix is in.”

In other words, even Trump’s most vociferous Republican critics seem blasé about the possibility that the pr*sident will launch a grenade into the middle of an investigation into his own traitorous conduct.

We have truly crossed the Rubicon, folks.

Which is why it’s more important than ever not only to take the House in November, but the Senate as well.

Senate Democrats scoffed at the idea that Trump would appoint an attorney general who would give the special counsel independence.

“I wouldn’t trust this president to put someone in place [who] wouldn’t an hour after he’s sworn in fire Mueller,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown (Ohio).


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