It’s hard to argue that any citizens have been more targeted under the Trump administration than those living in Democratic-led states, which was by Donald Trump’s own vindictive design. Whether it was singling them out for punishment with tax legislation, stealing their medical supplies, holding out disaster relief, or even attacking their citizens with his gestapo forces, Trump and his Republican allies did whatever they could to make blue state citizens suffer. Just recently, Trump even threatened to deny the COVID-19 vaccine to deep-blue New York.

There are a lot of things Joe Biden needs to tackle that have been neglected by the current administration, including health care, the pandemic, climate change, and growing unemployment. If Republicans hold onto the Senate, they will try to roadblock each of these items. With that possibility in mind, I propose that one of the first bills the Biden administration request from Congress is one that Republicans should all jump on: an anti-socialism bill. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Barring a national disaster, no state gets more than 1.5 times what they pay into the federal pot.
  • Every state at least gets back what they put in.
  • There will be no farm subsidies, no universal income, no state banks, no public utilities, no state-owned corporations, and no rural internet subsidies.

What Republican could possibly argue with this?  Turns out, quite a few of them!

  • December 4, 2020