Unfortunately, the House will seat the 140 GOP representatives pledged to object to the election certification. 17 days left.

“Trump Won.”

Earlier, I filmed new Congresswoman @mtgreenee She is wearing a mask that says “Trump Won.”


President Trump has once again demanded that the Supreme Court invalidate millions of votes in four states, nullifying the election and keeping him in power illegitimately.

Indeed, Trump was unintentionally explicit on this point: He predicted that Joe Biden’s presidency will be corrupt, and commanded the court to overturn the election results on that basis, in the process making this command with no legitimate legal or constitutional basis at all.

As early as Friday, the Supreme Court is expected to weigh in on this demand, which has taken the form of a lawsuit waged by the state of Texas, and backed by Trump and his propagandists, against four swing states that Biden won. The court will likely refuse to hear the case.
All of which is why the scorching reply brief that Pennsylvania has now filed is an extraordinarily important document. It frames the stakes with appropriate urgency, by essentially arguing that the Texas lawsuit and its supporters are, in effect, asking the court to arbitrarily and lawlessly impose the will of Trump supporters on that of the majority that rejected Trump — i.e., tyranny.

US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said he has “no reason to doubt” the CDC’s Covid-19 death toll, contradicting President Trump’s claim that the agency has “exaggerated” its numbers

Because we need some truth today:

  • January 3, 2021
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