There’s no update this week. It's not enough to just focus on Trump and his failings. Yes, he's a horrible failure as a president, but if you want to beat Trump, and stop all future Trumps you need to do more than focus on his faults. You need to counter him. You need a leader, you need a movement, and you need a vision that offers a compelling alternative.

VVVV You need this. VVVV

This is what a real leader looks like. Nothing else is sufficient, nothing else is worth your time

It is no exaggeration to say that the massive public health crisis collapsing the economy is exactly the kind of catastrophe Sanders has built his whole campaign/career around preventing. We can’t afford to not have Medicare for All and the comprehensive system of healthcare it offers. We can’t stop a modern plague in an economy where people are getting kicked out of their homes and basic hygiene is impossible because their utilities have been shut off. We can’t accept vague platitudes and empty rhetoric about “job creators.” Sander’s vision is not only the best vision on offer, it’s the only viable one.

We can accept no less.

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