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As part of the ongoing project to catalog every awful thing the Trump Administration has done as a reference for future political arguments and whatever few posterity survives to see 2020, here’s everything awful the Trump Administration has done this week.


1471. Continued to push for citizenship question on the census

1472. A judge ruled that the administration could not lift the injunction on its attempts to appropriate funds for its wall

1473. It was revealed Trump had been aware of billionaire Jeffery Epstein's island where he conducted acts of pedophilia, even commenting he “likes them on the younger side”

1474. Mishandled foreign policy to a point that even the British ambassador called him “clumsy and inept”

1475. Bob Barr claimed the administration could legally add a citizenship question to the census, even after the Supreme Court ruled it could not

1476. GOP fundraiser Elliot Broidy was probed for corrupt in connection to his role on Trump's inauguration

1477. Attempted to swap out his lawyers in his attempt to defend his citizenship question on the census

1478. Continued to keep Jim Acosta as his Labor secretary despite mounting criticism of Acosta's role in the Jeffery Epstein case

1479. Launched a probe into France's tax on technology giants, prompting fears of a new trade war

1480. Threatened to veto the annual defense authorization bill because it was too stringent in contaminating chemical contamination

1481. Bankrupted the DC municipal government's security budget with his July 4th event

1482. Planned a massive roundup of immigrants


There were two big stories this week. First, the scandal over Jeffery Epstein hit the Trump administration as Trump’s Labor secretary Alex Acosta came under fire for the lenient plea deal he offer Epstein as attorney for Florida’s southern district, while Trump himself came under fire for being chummy with Epstein and going to his private island several times. Meanwhile in immigration, Trump also tried to keep pressing for his citizenship question, all while planning massive raids and deportations.

As always, I don’t expect to catch everything, so let me know if there’s anything you think I’ve missed. The full omnibus is being maintained here (a spreadsheet version can be found here). For an overall summary, click here.

  • July 12, 2019