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The “Everything Terrible Trump Has Done So Far” Omnibus (Week 119)

As part of the ongoing project to catalog every awful thing the Trump Administration has done as a reference for future political arguments and whatever few posterity survives to see 2020, here’s everything awful the Trump Administration has done this week.


1359. Began sending immigrants to sanctuary cities

1360. Attempted to have a case challenging their ability to strip US citizenship from people born in the United States

1361. A judge blocked the Trump administration's gag rule, calling it “madness”

1362. Sued by migrants for unduly denying their claims for asylum

1363. A magistrate blocked the Trump administration's rollback of student protections

1364. Sued banks to prevent them from providing his financial records to congress

1365. It was revealed that special investigator Robert Mueller had told Bob Barr he felt he had mischaracterized his findings

1366. Engaged in extensive stonewalling against providing congress with information

1367. Joined a group of Republican states in a lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act

1368. Started DNA tests of migrants at the southern border

1369. Attorney General Bob Barr skipped a Congressional hearing on the Mueller Report and the administration's apparent attempts to cover up the results


The Mueller Report was back in the news this week as it came out that Robert Mueller felt the administration had seriously mischaracterized the results of his investigation when they released their summary of his report in March. Bob Barr was called to testify on the hill, however he refused to show. Elsewhere, Trump threatened to send detained migrants to sanctuary cities in the ongoing political tit for tat surrounding Trump’s draconian deportation campaign.

As always, I don’t expect to catch everything, so let me know if there’s anything you think I’ve missed. The full omnibus is being maintained here (a spreadsheet version can be found here). For an overall summary, click here.

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