The enormity of what Christine Blasey Ford will do on Thursday in an important clip


I don’t know if this clip of Charles Blow talking about his own childhood sexual assault has shown up on DailyKos.  I haven’t seen it. It floored me. More important it put what Christine Blasey Ford is going to do on Thursday in a whole new context.  It is of course important that Kavanaugh not advance to the Supreme Court. The fact that this is a possibility is an ugly denunciation of where we are as a society.  But Dr. Ford’s testimony is going to be much, much bigger than that.  It will take childhood sexual abuse out of the dark and cold closet we have shoved it into. It will be the beginning of a human healing and a realization of the pain so many walk around with silently.

I will tell you a story. Years ago I was in a reading group and we were reading The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison.  I don’t know if you know the book but an incident of childhood sexual abuse plays a large part in it. Somebody asked how many in the group suffered an incident of childhood sexual abuse.  There were twelve women in the group. Ten raised their hands.  Probably an anomaly, statistics claim one in four (and that it more than enough).  You could look in to the eyes of these women and see if was something they carried around with them. Listen to Charles Blow explain on the brink of tears.  This is far beyond politics.