This is a short diary to vent about a peeve of mine. Far too many of the national media stories about this election talk about it in terms of how “this is a disaster for the GOP” or “this looks bad for Trump” and so on.

I object.

How about “this looks good for Biden” or “Democrats are doing well” and along those lines. Yes, I am now starting to see some stories about this could be a Biden landslide, but those are recent and not as many as I’d like. And there’s still too much in the media over how McConnell could lose his majority. What about Schumer gaining a majority? When did this become a matter of how well or how badly the Republicans are doing, as though theirs is the only success or failure that matters? What about the Democrats?

For that matter, what about the United States? Let’s hear how the election could be a triumph for America.

Insha’allah (as Biden would say), this election should not be seen as a disaster for the Republicans. It should be recognized as a triumph for the United States of America — because the Democrats will win. That’s Democrats, who care about this country, replacing Trump and the Republicans, who care only about themselves. It’s only a disaster for the Republicans because they brought this on themselves.