The Door is Ajar

Forty-four of the sitting fifty Republicans in the Senate put on their tinfoil hats, held up Q’s, ignored the Constitution, and voted against having a trial for the twice impeached former president. Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA), who previously voted against having a Senate trial, was so unimpressed with Mr. Trump’s lawyers’ lack of a Constitutional argument that he crumpled his tinfoil and voted to have the trial. After a meandering and pointless presentation by Messrs. Bruce Castor and David Schoen, Cassidy said they did a “terrible job.” The House managers, who are in effect the people’s prosecution team ran circles around Trump’s team of last-minute replacements and left the door ajar.

Don’t believe your lying eyes.”

Delivering a brilliant visual presentation, and at times teary-eyed, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) pleaded the case to the Senate jurors. The former constitutional law professor talked about how his daughter and son-in-law, who were visiting his office on January 6th, feared death, “They thought they were going to die,” said Raskin. Despite the video of wild, profanity-laced screams from rioters and chants of “fight for Trump” the GOP Senators reportedly turned their heads, twiddled their thumbs, and ignored the Trump-incited criminality right in front of them. The ironic images of seditionists, who call themselves patriots, pummeling police officers with the American flag will be an enduring image in the country’s history.

The reasons for the Republican party kowtowing to these people is not complicated. When the question is asked, the answers are the  Democrat (sic) party just wants revenge, or they fear Trump’s influence and being primaried. The truth is that they are willingly embracing racism and anti-Semitism, justifying it with baseless Constitutional blather. The real patriots crossed the Delaware River in raw freezing conditions; built the Capitol with the flick of the whip as currency for their labor; Crumbled under musket fire at Gettysburg; were code talkers far off the reservation; flew their red tails to escort fighter bombers they could not share a meal with; piloted an ill-fated PT boat and became the first Catholic President and finally lived the dream and became the first black President.

The cowards who spit on their examples of real bravery and patriotism, to follow a cult leader, are shameful reminders of a past America I had hoped was long over. The rioters sported every bit of un-Americanism one could think of; t-shirts celebrating the Holocaust, a battle flag touting the institution of slavery and finally tearing down the American flag they claim to love and attempted to raise a flag bearing the name of their insurrectionist leader in its’ place. I understand there is little hope that some vestiges of decency remain in the Republican party and they will convict the disgraced ex-President. Only one vote switched yesterday, which gives the fleeting hope that all is not lost. Abraham Lincoln’s Confederate counterpart was Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, is that the America the seditionists want great again?

I suggest everyone watch the 13-minute video shown to the Senate jurors and the world yesterday. It was both shocking, embarrassing, and damning. Take a long look below at cowardice and treason at its worst; Viewer Discretion is Advised:  

Continue to Vote for Change.

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