The Disparity of Climate Change [I get somewhat snarky.]

Sen Ted Cruz [Q-Texas] fleeing with his family to Cancún gave us a fine example of this, two thumbs up Ted, well done.

This show us all that when climate change really begins to bite, what will the rich and powerful do, run. The rest of us? Well shit. Tough.

He showed true grit by initially blaming his daughters, bravo as they say, the twisting of the next generation of Cruz’s has begun, I pray for their rebellion. The hotel was only 300 bucks a night per room he cried, just wait until he stands tall to refuse $1,400 in Covid-19 relief payments with hand on heart he will declare it’s too much. You tell em Ted!

He has spent years along with his Q-buddies highlighting the joys of deregulation and privatization, how Texas stands tall and don’t need nobody! I cannot  wait for him to declare Federal aid as a communist plot to take over Texas. You show em Ted!

I cannot wait for the deniers of climate change to show us exactly how to react in the near future, everyone please give them three cheers in advance for their expected bravery.

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