The Democrats weakness and cowardliness is becoming a comedic meme

This is not good. Saturday Night Live, which is not exactly heroic politically challenging comedy (Chaplin or Bruce they are not) starts their cold open by mocking the Democratic response to Barr (and Trump) sticking a finger in their face. A congressman decides to eat chicken (as SNL suggests, light, prop based protest). At this point it is embarrassing.  I am not saying you need to punch the bully in the nose. But retreating from the playground and eating a peanut butter sandwich is not going to change the dynamic. More and more people who I respect are screaming that the Democrats have to impeach If they don’t Trump is only going to get worse. And saying you are worried it might cost you some votes (mommy may get mad) is not a good reason to let this go on (plus there is absolutely no evidence that mommy will get mad).

When you start to become a national laughing stock maybe it is time to rethink your strategy just a bit.

  • May 6, 2019