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The Democratic winner knows Trump is not the problem but the result of the problem

Betsy Woodruff made the most prescient statement about the difference between Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. The winning Democrat will be hammering it into our psyche.

The winning Democrat will understand the real problem

Robinson is starting to realize that Biden is unlikely to be the Democratic nominee as opposed to the narrative he and others were pushing for weeks even though the tea leaves were out for all to see.

“But I think there's a sense that he could falter,” Robinson said. “And then someone else would have to rise. And we don't know who that is at this point.”

I think we know the likely winning Democrat bit neither Chuck Todd or Robinson will say it.

And then there was Bret Stephens pushing the mythical center narrative.

“Jill Biden can be right and still be wrong about her husband,” said Bret Stephens. “That is to say the central question for Democrats is nominating someone who is electable, who isn't going to scare off those voters who a Democrat desperately needs. People like Mayor Pete and Elizabeth Warren, and so on are saying, you know, “We have to be a change agent,” because really this is a primary fight against Joe Biden and sort of the incumbent frontrunner. But the Democrat who's going to win is going to have to communicate to the American people a sense of sanity, balance, that they're not there to change the system but to reform the system. That's going to be the winning ticket. It just won't necessarily be Vice President Biden.”

Betsy Woodruff brought sanity to the panel. The men were all in there centrist timid modal apparently unable to read the actual race. Woodruff first said that deep on the inside many Democrats believe that an edible arrangement could beat Donald Trump. And then she made the most important statement on the panel all program.

“And this is part of the difference between the Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders message and the Joe Biden message,” said Woodruff. “Biden is arguing that Trump is the problem. Sanders, Warren, some of the other progressive candidates are arguing that Trump is a symptom of a larger problem.”

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