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The Democratic party's leftward move is just a correction of fraud on Americans

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Many Americans are buying into the idea that the Democratic Party is moving too far to the left. The thing is, movement is relative. Is the party moving left or is the status quo, in reality, edging right? It does not matter.

What exactly does moving to the left mean? If one listens to the mainstream media, regardless of slant, just about every policy that is proposed by progressive candidates is a left-wing idea.

It is important to understand what the establishment is doing. It is a psychological ploy. When one categorizes a policy as left-wing before it is even explored, the tendency is to view it through that prism from the beginning.

So let's review some policies that are considered left-wing and illustrate why they are not, as we create a narrative that even the conservative rank-and-file should be happy to support.

Student Loan Forgiveness

Progressives see loan forgiveness as stiffing the bankers who have wronged many with burdensome interest rates and fees. They also see it as double-dipping. In effect, Americans invest in their education, giving corporations access to a reduced-cost resource to yield a more substantial profit for their shareholders.

But the conservative narrative is that loan forgiveness is a tax break for those who invested, making themselves more attractive to corporations. We will pay for it with the increased economic activity generated by the new spending power of the forgiven.

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