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The Decline Of The Two Main Parties

From Gallup

Around 30% are registered Democrats.

Around 26% are registered Republicans.

Around 43% identify as Independents, a record.

A hint, many of this 43% is not in the center to be triangulated over.

One of the reasons

Congressional job disapproval stands at 77.5% [actual approval is at 14.3%]

As for closed primaries in a two Party system, now there is a funny one when party affiliation may become soon enough a minority occupation. If I was a member of the elite I would insist that every primary was a closed one, easier to control that way.

Voter turnout was around the 55% mark in the last presidential election cycle.

It’s no wonder there hasn’t been a major fightback against Citizens Untied in congress, make it too expensive for anyone else to compete, Bernie is showing them it’s not as water tight plan as they would like to think. Trump is showing them that one rich individual can upset the applecart.

This is a real stickler for the establishment, eventually something is going to have to give, I don’t think they can crush this like the occupy movement; no matter how much they would like to silence it.

To my mind whether Bernie wins or not is not a last ditch attempt at changing the system, it is a beginning.

Go Bernie.