The dangerous Ukraine story we're not talking about. A refreshing woman story and moment

Journalist Harvey Wasserman exposes a danger in Ukraine no one in the mainstream media is talking about. A touching moment during the telling of Lilian Carter’s story.

Harvey Wasserman on Ukraine Nuclear Power Plants


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  • With 50 years of experience writing and researching nuclear power, author/expert/activist Harvey Wasserman warns that even a “conventional” war in Ukraine could lead to Apocalyptic radiation releases, killing millions and costing trillions. Wasserman warns that even minor disruptions, sabotage, or explosions could lead to Chernobyl-sized disasters at any one of the 15 reactors now operating in Ukraine. Radiation releases from Chernobyl itself, he says, killed more than a million humans worldwide, irradiated thousands of square miles of land and water, and cost trillions in destroyed property.
  • A touching moment occurred on Morning Joe when Sam Donaldson honored Lilian Carter, President Carter’s mother, and then something special happened.

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  • February 22, 2022
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