The Daily Heron Bucket

At 5 am, the heron seems to take form out of the backgound grey half tone morning skies.  It approached from the east, and plopped next to my backyard pond.

Billy the Heron swiftly captured a fish so large that it unnerved my mate Salmonwoman, who watched from a kitchen window. She even wondered if it was something larger than a fish.  But some wily goldfish have gotten 8 inches long before meeting Billy. 

But now Billy spied me peering from a bathroom window.  That irritated Billy who decamped almost straight up and landed on our neighbor’s roof, to wait us out.

Billy did some preening of the wet feathers and sent out heron stink-eye.

Billy scratched away, ate a couple of bugs, and scowled. 

Two weeks ago all three of us; Billy, Salmonwoman, and I,  were all out in the back yard at the same time and Billy hardly glanced at us.  Billy fished, we weeded.

  But this morning, Billy considered three to be a crowd.

Billy fidgeted, and then coiled.

Time to fly away, to the East.

Now it’s your turn.

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