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The Daily Bucket–The Lotuses' Water Treatment Plant.

A month ago I transplanted  five aged sprouting lotus seeds into a small aquarium filled with clay dirt.  The five sprouts have become a dozen or more, and strive to grow leaves.

However an oily sheen appeared on the water’s surface.  I can’t just dump and change all the water in the aquarium, since the lotuses are rooted in a couple pounds of mud in the bottom.  Iron oxidizing bacteria are probably creating the sheen.  The low oxygen in the water allows an anaerobic reaction.

So I fired up the aquarium pump.  Its cool to watch the pump pull in the oily water and agitate it, adding oxygen and dissolving the sheen.

I’m watching to make sure the turbulent water does not upset the lotuses.

The pump also causes the solids to settle, allowing cool underwater pictures of the tangled sprouts.

five seeds produce 15 sprouts.

Now it’s your turn.

You’ve been reading The Daily Bucket,

a nature refuge.

We amicably discuss frogs, animals, weather, climate, soil, plants, waters,  and life’s patterns.

 Phenology is how we take earth’s pulse.

We discuss what we see in each Bucket. Some snark is currently present.

We value all observations.  Please comment  about your own natural area, and include photos if possible.  We love photos!

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Thanks for reading;

What have you noted in your area or travels? Snow on the bird feeders yet?

Please post your observations and general location in your comments. I’ll check back by lunchtime.

/s/ Redwoodman

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