The Daily Bucket–Spring Babes

Spring means renewal, and birth. It means baby birds chirping for food, baby ducks swimming in a row behind mom, lambies frolicking in a green field, and baby snails methodically mowing down algae.

Baby snails!

I bought two trapdoor snails a couple of weeks ago, to clean up the algae that was fouling my starter tank for germinating lotuses. 

On January 18, 2019 the lotus tank’s water is opaque.

By Feb. 14,  the water is plainly clearer.

And boy howdy, who is that; a pea-sized snail!

Its brother or sister.

My pair of trapdoor snails have produced an unexpected litter of perhaps a dozen very tiny, very cute snails.  

Now it’s your turn.

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/s/ Redwoodman