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Less than 30 days after the chorus frogs began mating on the Spring Solstice in the Frog Mitigation Area.  Hundreds of tadpoles have already hatched from their egg sacs.  

Yet many egg sacs have not yet yielded their bounty.  Every back of the envelope calculation shows I may soon have over a thousand new tadpoles, all told.

The frogs haven’t stopped mating, either.  There may only be twenty or so adult frogs still present, but a single female can lay hundreds of eggs a day, if she finds a worthy partner.

But the bullfrog showed up, so the chorus frogs better make haste.    

The tadpoles are a little ahead of schedule to complete their metamorphosis into frogs.   This is the 5th Spring the chorus frogs have mated in my back yard pond on the Spring Solstice and produced this “run” of tadpoles and eventual frogs. 

Suspected goddess-mother Chorus Frog, from whose loins springs a new generation.

The dreaded invasive bullfrog, unwisely arriving on schedule.

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  • April 20, 2019