The Daily Bucket–Globes and Magic Numbers

One morning, the water lilies began opening to that point when they were smooth round yellow globes. Next to them, the artichokes had matured into scaly green globes. 

Now I see nothing but globes growing everywhere in the yard.

Almost all of the fruit, for instance, lacks corners.

Every sprig of grapes boast dozens of green globes. 

The berries are round as little sugar-loaded planets, with meteor craters.

Even the clematis foliage wants to appear well-rounded.

The spherical artichoke thistle, flaunting its magic number Fibonacci Sequence.…

The Fibonacci sequence measures how plants send out new branches or leaves, that are a few degrees moved from the prior bloom, All the blooms receive sunlight, thanks to an irrational number.

Apples, just the perfect sphere size for a kid to throw when green, to eat when red.

Even rosebuds become round for a spell.

Now it’s your turn.

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What have you noted in your area or travels? Any blossoming orbs in your yard? Please post your observations and general location in your comments. I’ll check back by lunchtime.

/s/ Redwoodman