I got so tickled at my vet this morning.    He never watches all this political or Trump or anything that can upset him but today I was watching  some anchor talking about Trump saying he was not  a doctor and some other nonsense he was saying when Vet looked up from reading and said, “ Why are those people standing there with him”?    ( They showed the clip)  “ Why aren’t they saying, “ Just disregard this man, he knows not of what he speaks or tweets”,  He then said, “ And why isn’t some reporter standing up and saying, “ Will you shut up and sit down, you are making things worse”.  Where is there courage?   Where is their guts?  Where is their tongues?    I replied, “ Well the doctors would be fired.  The reporters would be escorted out and Pence isn’t any better.  His response, “ SO”.  At  least someone should have enough guts about them to tell him to shut up.  Why are they even airing this bag of blowhard ? People are risking their lives and he is up there trying to push drugs.  

I know he would do that.  I know it.   He does not mince words and Trump would just blow up right there on camera.  He never says anything bad about people but he he usually says what is on his mind and he can’t deal with stupid.   Status . money or power does not impress him.

I guess it is a good thing he is not a reporter.   We would be visiting him in jail or something.  He added, people are dying and he is up there pushing pills like he is Scarface.

Made my morning better.  He really would tell him to shut because I saw him call Bush a clown in 2001 as he was really mad that he was making a speech about taxes at a Childrens Hospital when we were there with a 7 year old and he wouldn’t shake hands with Bush either.   There was no pandemic, at that time.   I turned by back.   LOL.

I think my vet is still angry over the Captain getting fired.

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