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The blockbuster bad faith reveal: Trump can’t be impeached, but Joe Biden should be impeached

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After a 16 hour question and answer period, it took until the second to last question for the issue to be fully realized and the Republicans’ bad faith to be nakedly displayed in its full contempt.  What we heard was that President Trump could not be impeached and removed for attempting to interfere with foreign help in the next election … But Joe Biden could be impeached for carrying out US policy in calling for the removal of a corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor. Unbelievable. The whole game is up.  

Joe Biden should be impeached under a legal theory laid out by Alan Dershowitz, President Trump’s legal team argued at the end of the questioning phase of the Senate impeachment trial on Thursday….

There is no evidence to support the allegations, which suggest that Biden used his position as vice president to have a Ukrainian prosecutor fired for investigating Burisma, on whose board his son sat.

In fact, there is no evidence to support the notion that the prosecutor in question was investigating Burisma, or anything at all. Biden pushed for his firing, along with everyone observing Ukraine at the time with neurons firing, because of the prosecutor’s failure to fight corruption.

But that was no obstacle to Patrick Philbin, an attorney for the President.

“One could put together fairly easily from those known facts the suggestion that there was a family financial benefit coming from the end of that investigation,” Philbin said, “because it protected the position of the younger Biden on the board.”

The question of Joe Biden‘s impeachment was raised by a Republican senator, and so there was nothing subversive about it. The Republicans wanted to get this – this insane notion – on the record.

I watched, in amazement, as Trump’s lawyer took the podium, thinking that surely he would not argue that Biden’s conduct was impeachable while Trump’s misconduct – as a matter of law and constitutional principles — was beyond question.

And then Trump’s lawyer gave up the game, openly and defiantly:  Yes, Biden – unlike Trump – could be impeached.

Breathtaking. Nakedly corrupt.

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