A few years ago I wrote a post collecting some very well-turned quotations by writers attempting to describe the dysfunction and threat of the Republican Party.  I wanted to add a worthy, new entry by Jeet Heer in the Nation, specifically describing White House aide and White Supremacist Stephen Miller:

[Steve] Bannon and [Sebastian] Gorka are vile in stagy and eye-catching ways. Miller, more successful than they were in pushing policy, is blandly vicious. There’s nothing quirky about him and he can’t be so easily dismissed as an oddball outlier. Quite the opposite. Miller is a white-bread fanatic, a mass-produced jerk whose cruelty is all-American, shared by millions of others formed by the right-wing media loudmouths that are the ideological voice of the Republican Party.

A “white-bread fanatic, a mass-produced jerk” . . . well put!   The full Heer piece is titled “Stephen Miller is a Perfectly Mainstream Republican” and persuasively makes the vital point that efforts to portray Miller as an oddity, an “other” or “outsider” wrongfully ignore that his cruelty is shared by millions of other Republicans. 

Or:  “Of the many horrifying things about Stephen Miller, perhaps the scariest is that he is an utterly humdrum Republican.”

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