Have you noticed when you ask a Republican about Trump’s transgressions, they answer in one of three ways, Democrat Party (sic), Pelosi, or The Squad; they cannot defend him. We currently have a member of Congress, [Marjorie Taylor Greene] who posed next to a photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar carrying a semi-automatic firearm (what makes me think she owns a bump-stock). Ms. Greene proudly posted the photo on her Facebook page with the caption, “tired of seeing weak, Establishment Republicans play defense.” I assume, in Rep. Greene’s world, any Republican who does not believe that Democrats are baby-eating pedophiles, and American Muslims have no right to occupy a seat in Congress, [that pesky religious liberty] only applies to Christians, the right type, of course.

Funny, infamous people are generally identified by three names, Marjorie Taylor…oh never mind. Republicans were in their glory adding women to their conservative caucus, I am not familiar with most, but along with Rep. Greene is the latest entrant of Lalaland, gun-toting  Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert. If this is the GOP’s effort at assembling their version of the conservative squad, they may be a few bullets short of a full metal jacket. As more information comes out and we find out that the near insurrection of January 6 came closer to fruition than we thought; Boebert who is still a believer in the Big Lie wants to carry her gun to the floor of Congress. Ms. Boebert, who reportedly acted as a personal GPS tracker for the riotous mob by pinpointing Speaker Pelosi’s whereabouts in the Capitol—by tweet, to the seditionists.

The GOP has been feeding their monster for 30 years and it has grown out of their control and now wants to burn the village. The list of names and professions of those who took part in the attempted overthrow of the nation’s most precious commodity, free elections, grows more ominous every day, and it should give us all pause.  While we were fed images and a steady diet of casting call rejects from the TV show Duck Dynasty, some of the rioters were police, firefighters, and a former Olympian and former American hero Klete Keller. These were literally the boys and girls next door, pounding on doors, hurling anything available through windows, and calling for the blood of capitol police to be spilled on the streets of the Nation’s capital. I am a black man who knew what was going on the day Donald Trump told us, shortly past noon January 20, 2017, that ‘American carnage’ stops, he was warning black people.

He was making a promise to white supremacists, following the presidency of Barack Obama, he was going to wipe away the pong and Make America Great (and pure) Again. I have spent most of my life reaching out and being told to unify. Unification for the ruling class means; I will compromise as long as you do what I say. The GOP now thinks compromise means acknowledging the Big [election fraud] Lie. I listened to the lie about economic insecurity, I listened to the lie of a post-racial America after the election of President Obama. No more lies, America is my home and I love it, but it has a history built upon a Big Sin. Let us try recognizing that before we oppress the rights of people of color, to be involved in the choice of who manages Black Lives that Matter; that we really are Americans too.

We Make Change by Voting.

  • January 15, 2021