With 14 days left for Trump to cause havoc, chaos, and riots, there are thoughts of quick impeachment or removal of Trump by the 25th Amendment. However, both of these will be seen by his followers as coups by the establishment leading to more riots and insurrection.

Impeachment is too prolonged to be practical and some Republicans would block it. His cabinet is too weak and cowering to remove him.

Possibly a better way to neutralize Trump would be to threaten to freeze his accounts and maybe shut down his businesses. His organization is already under investigation in New York. It is not implausible that the district attorney could speculate such a step might be necessary.

Whether or not such a move would be legal, as long as Trump thinks it is possible…it would change his behavior. He has never been poor. It would shock the hell out of him to think he could not buy anything or anyone he wants. 

Likewise his campaign slush funds would also have to threatened.


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