The article outlining Maggie Haberman's family connections to Trump

There have been a number of allusions to Maggie Haberman’s family connections to Donald Trump and the Trump family. I did not know about them until a few weeks ago. I actually read them by mistake looking for other information here.  I do not know if it is true or not. I am hoping we can crowd source this to either support and disseminate it or dismiss it. The connections themselves strike me as pretty factually based.  I have not heard of Citijourno before.  They publish under their own byline and on open sites such as Medium.

I think if true this is very, very important. Not just because it brings into question the integrity of Haberman and the New York Times (for not being open about this). But because I am beginning to fear public relations firms have been placing journalists in positions of power for a while.

None of this is to say that Maggie Haberman can not be a good or even excellent journalist  based on her connections. But journalistic ethics suggest she should not have been covering the 2016 election or Trump now.  The very lowest bar is the NYT should have been transparent about possible conflicts of interest.

To me this is some of the scariest stuff from the 2016 election.

I would love to hear any push back or supporting information.

I do ask, no ad hominem attacks on the author(s) of the piece.  This is not about the integrity of the author but the integrity of the factual aspects of this information, especially the connection between Nancy Haberman and the Trumps and Kushners.

And please none of what the article refers to as gaslighting.  The more I hear of Glenn Thrush the more of a despicable human being he seems to be (my opinion). Please do not mock the information. If you have factual push back offer it.

This is something we need to discuss.  It may not have been the Russians. It may have been this society we have built.

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