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The answer is really quite simple.

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Q: What do Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Jerome Corsi, and Roger stone all have in common? I mean besides the fact that they’re all major, world class assholes, of course. That one was too obvious.

A: They just don’t get it. No, seriously, I mean that they literally don’t get it. This is what makes watching them thrash around like a carp in the bottom of a creel so damn funny. They honestly can’t understand how and why they are in the predicament they suddenly find themselves enmeshed in.

Let’s separate the group into two separate and distinct Port-O-Potties. I used Port-O-Potties for the simple reason that, while the exact reason for their utter confusion may differ between the two, when you come right down to it, they’re in exactly the same shit. We’ll break them down into the Trump assholes, and all of those other assholes, OK?

When it comes down to the Trump coven of witches and warlocks. including the court jester son-in-law, the reason is pretty plain and simple. The rampant fecklessness of privilege. That pretty much sums it up. From the day these useless homo sapiens drew their first breaths, they have been different. They are the privileged, the landed gentry, the manor born. For their entire lives, they have run amok, doing whatever they pleased because they were never held personally responsible for anything that they did. And in those extremely rare times when they were held responsible for their actions, it really didn’t matter because there were no consequences for those actions. Is it any wonder why, now that they are actually being held responsible for their actions, by people who somehow just aren’t all that impressed with their wealth and privilege, and they face real, painful consequences for their own actions, that they puff out their chests and snarl, “How dare you question me or my reasons!”

When it comes to Manafort, Gates, Stone and the rest of that coterie of losers, what a pathetic bunch of shitheels, huh? They may not have been born rich and powerful, but they found something just as good, illusion and indifference. They have always been crooks, and the bargain basement variety of crooks to boot, but they chose their arena well, politics. They were minnows in an ocean, everybody knew they were cheap hoods, but there were always bigger fish to go after. Like a pack of lamprays, they attached themselves to one shark after another, always disengaging themselves just as the fish was about to be pulled out of the water, and finding another ride. But this time they got lazy, and they got pulled right on out of the water, and now they’re sitting there stunned, like a motorist who hears the cop ask him to get out of the car, instead of pocketing the $50 bill that they wrapped their license in. And of course they immediately scream that the cop doesn’t know who he’s dealing with, and their civil rights are being stomped on besides!

I bring this up because sometimes it’s easy to get distracted. We’re mesmerized by things like Trump and Putin, by election stealing and national security. And all of those are valid concerns. But when you stop looking at the “big picture,” and look at the subject instead, what do you see? A sad, cheap, tawdry daytime soap opera, populated by small, stupid, petty, mean characters. There’s no glamour and stars here, just a squalid stage and the understudies. And the sooner we wash our hands of them, the sooner the show will be canceled, and better programming put on instead. I hear that Duck Dynasty is something else!

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