The anger of the Donald Trump supporter is caused by his big con. Here is how.

It is important to understand why the angst of the Donald Trump supporter. He conned them as he has done so many times.

Donald Trump conned his own

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Here is what the president would prefer one does not analyze.

  • Trump made the U.S. mail unreliable.
  • Trump made his supporters fearless of the dangerous COVID-19.
  • Trump showed no care for his supporters as he convinced them they must vote in person.
  • Trump campaigned as if there was no pandemic with large rallies that infected over 30,000 and likely killed over 300 of his supporters.
  • Trump indoctrinated many of his voters that he had more support than he did.
  • Trump lied to his supporters, telling them if he loses the election, it would be voter fraud.
  • Trump effectively stopped states from pre-counting mailed in ballots to give the impression of an initial impressive win. In other words, as he has done in all the fraudulent businesses he formed and bankrupted, he conned his own.


  • Biden did not put his supporters at risk with large rallies.
  • Biden encouraged supporters to vote by mail very early since Trump sabotaged the U.S. mail.

Polls show that Democratic/Republican vote-by-mail was about 79/21 or so. That has materialized.

Once again, Trump played with his supporters' emotions by giving the impression that America wanted him. By more than a 4 million voting majority and likely by 60/40% nationally, we do not want a man of his self-centered, lying, unpatriotic, and morally deficient character to be our leader. That should be enough in a democracy, republic, or otherwise.

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  • November 6, 2020