It’s simple really.

How did COVID-19 become a global epidemic in a few weeks?

How do we stop it spreading?

It’s really fucking simple.

I have had to watch my partner suffer from exhaustion for months and what may develop into PTSD with time, how much longer does she have to watch people die, then inform their families.

Wear a Mask – Socially distance = Stay in Place

Dear god it could not be more fucking simple.

To those in power refusing to help people do this ; Fuck You

To those in power sowing disinformation: Fuck You

To those hypocrites not doing what they preach: Fuck You

To those travelling for anything less than an emergency: Fuck You

To those making it complicated cuz party politiking: Fuck You

  • To the anti-vaxxers a premptive: Go to hell.

I really hope karma is a furious bitch.