A heath care group allied with the Democratic party has gone for Trump’s jugular in a new ad about how his boasts of how he saved us from a worse pandemic by implementing the Chinese travel ban. They simply weren’t having it. Hope this gets aired on Fox News.

You can support Protect Our Care as they continue the fight to protect American access to quality health care. 

The Hill reports:

A Democratic-allied group focused on defending the Affordable Care Act released a new ad this week blasting President Trump’s handling of travel restrictions from China amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“President Trump bungled the response to coronavirus from day one, and the China travel ban he brags about? That failed, too,” begins the ad from the organization Protect Our Care.

“Forty-six countries restricted travel from China before Trump did. Nearly 400,000 people traveled here from China before his restrictions were in place, and 40,000 people have arrived here since.”

Trump mentions the China ban at every opportunity. It’s great to see an ad that pulls off all of the emperors clothes. More of this please.

Since Bernie has now dropped out and, Biden is the last one standing, it is time to unleash the ads from all our allies. Keep kicking Trump while he’s down.

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