“He's crazy. You know he's crazy,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  “He's crazy and what he did yesterday [Jan. 6] is further evidence of his craziness,” Her words were reportedly transcribed from a phone call between her and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs (JC) of Staff General Mark Milley. If you dismiss Pelosi’s comments as partisan hackery, the response from the then Trump administration's Joint Chiefs Chairman was frightening, “I agree with you on everything,” Milley answered. General Milley was so disturbed by what he thought was Mr. Trump’s deteriorating mental state that he found it necessary to call his Chinese counterpart and assure him that the U.S. was not planning a nuclear strike against his nation. Although one might say these revelations by the writer(s) and reporter(s) Bob Woodward and Robert Costa are a dollar short and a day late, one would hope the proverbial teaching moment would arise from this incident; but as per usual, the right-wing has called for Milley’s firing because he literally sought to avert World War III  which apparently they consider an offense to Mr. Trump.

Every time we think we have been made aware of the zenith moment of dangerous incompetence from the Trump administration, a new book, a new report, a new witness to the troubles, and new abuses of our democracy are revealed. What is most disturbing is that the precedent set by the former President of lying, extorting, and childish bullying has become the political model for the Republican party.

Hang onto the world as it spins around~ Donny Hathaway    

The above is a lyric from Donny Hathaway’s song Someday We’ll All Be Free  

Freedom for America is escaping the spinning world of conservatives glomming onto, and defending everything that will kill us for twisted political favor. They fight efforts to advance America into the future of cleaner air and water in favor of dirty fossil fuels. The fact that 97%  of climate scientists say we are destroying the planet, does not affect their thinking. The party that may have had the most pro-conservationist president in history [Theodore Roosevelt] and one who founded the Environmental Protection Agency [Richard Nixon] willfully turned a blind eye to the unprecedented and simultaneous flooding of each of the five boroughs of New York.  Raging wildfires that are fueled by climate change and apathy are ravaging the west and northwest sections of the United States. Property, irreplaceable landscapes, views, and most importantly lives were lost, with barely a conservative whimper. With Covid-19 ravaging our country and the world, conservatives and evangelicals choose to ignore recommended vaccines for cost-prohibitive—to the general public, monoclonal treatments in favor of  proven preventatives, masks and vaccines. Furthermore, right-wing zealots have chosen animal cures for worms, risking self-poisoning and death.

In his recent 9/11 speech, the man, former President George W. Bush,  who is most responsible for the debacle in Afghanistan, had a moment of clarity. Reflecting on both a long and senseless war and the attack by domestic terrorists on the Capitol in January, Mr. Bush called them  “children of the same foul spirit.” Could it be the resistance to facts, science, and math may be a remnant of what former Obama official Van Jones called a ‘whitelash’ after two terms of the 44th President. A huge swath of conservatives and bigoted white Americans awoke every morning for twelve years, with this question on their minds and lips; how could a black man, with the middle name Hussein, beat a white American war hero in a fair fight? The strains of fixed and rigged began then. Donald Trump fed it steroids and it has muscled its’ way into our politics and has found a workout partner in the Republican party.  

Continue to Vote for Change        

  • September 15, 2021
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