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That Elizabeth Warren pregnancy discrimination story has any legs show press' institutional misogyny


There is absolutely no doubt that there was pregnancy discrimination in 1971. There was pregnancy discrimination in 1991 when my wife was harassed out of here position at six months. There is pregnancy discrimination today. There are absolutely no grounds for challenging Elizabeth Warren’s story. This includes the information “uncovered” by the Beacon Press. Yes some in the press (including mainstream) are treating it as a viable charge, rather than saying, “I’m going to need something more….” The right wing isn’t just using the gross institutional misogyny of the press they are counting on it, with good reason (anybody know the creep Glenn Thrush is back. And the creepier Mark Halperin is on the comeback trail. I expect to see Charlie Rose on my tevee any moment). Don’t believe me, take a look at this article from vox.  (By the way Vox seems to be really going after Elizabeth Warren all of a sudden. Take a look at this misleading and factually incorrect headline. Elizabeth Warren did not make an assertion without a face. Her assertion was a fact. Facebook met with Trump and soon after changed their policy.  I wonder what the cause of this is. Maybe Vox is back by Silicon Valley money — not sure).

Institutional misogyny was rampant during the Clinton campaign. People should be making the argument it was that and not Russian trolls or even James Comey that truly cost her the election (although they all did). But this, it is beyond the pale. If you are going to repeat this story, and really right now there is not reason to do so, it should start in the context that in 1971 pregnancy was a highly regular and perfectly legal act. The Vox article does not mention this until the 21st paragraph. 21st!!!!!   Even I couldn’t believe it. This is terrible, hit job journalism (from what I read CBS is worse.).

It is swift boating at its worse.