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“Shall the man who has practised corruption, and by that means procured his appointment in the first instance, be suffered to escape punishment by repeating his guilt?”George Mason

According to the current United States Senate Majority leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY.), the most ‘deliberative body’ in the world is going to speed date.  With no shame or allegiance to America, the governmental document, we revere as close to perfect and is the envy of the world, Republicans are choosing to ignore.  What is really at stake today, as the House of Representatives argues the Impeachment of Donald Trump, is the Constitution of the United States of America. The job of Congress is to demand that it not be shoved down a par three hole at Mar-a-Lago. Despite cleverly written poison pen letters from the President, and screaming rebuttals from Trump stooges, the oversight of a President, in this case meaning Impeachment, is the sole responsibility of Congress.  

It is not subject to dredged up rumors, derogatory lies or disparaging remarks meant to damage the reputations of wounded warriors or civil servants. People like Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman and Diplomat Marie Yovanovitch, who were literally hit by shrapnel and ducked bullets to serve their country, have forgotten more about honor than Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Jim Jordan or Lindsey Graham combined. On the precipice of being pushed into the valley of Impeachment, the grim faces from the Democrats over the destruction of American justice are only magnified by the teeth-gritting anger from evangelicals and Republicans because their messiah has found his cross.  The anger should not be because Democrats, in the opinion of the GOP brought nails; it should be over the fact the  President has no honor, bravery or enough scruples to bear the cross of his own construction.  

This morning the House Republican’s side-show kicked into high gear. They have introduced nonsensical motions to adjourn the proceedings, denied the obvious, and suggested that American elections are subject to a joint pre-election investigation with foreign governments. Previously in 2016, Mike Pence said,  “Foreign donors, and certainly foreign governments, cannot participate in the American political process.” Following Mr. Trump’s statement on the White House lawn imploring China as well as Ukraine to investigate the Biden[s].

Vice-President Pence had a change of mind in October of 2019 “I think the American people have a right to know if the vice president of the United States or his family profited from this position as vice president in the last administration.” The truth is the American public, and yes that includes Trump followers, know Mr. Trump is abusing his power as President. They know had this been Barack Obama's impeachment his removal would be finished by now, and Mr. Obama would be facing criminal penalties for bribery and extortion. They know the President has kowtowed to Putin, Erdogan, the Saudi Crown Prince and countless numbers of other despots, murderers, and dictators.

I constantly hear Republicans talk about the rights and will of the American people. They talk about rules being followed and the abuse of “due process.” It strikes me as funny that Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA.) in his best impression of Atticus Finch talked about the majority, the facts, and the clock. If you are not aware—Mr. Collins, the majority of Americans voted for Mrs. Clinton so let us hear the facts from Messrs., Bolton, Mulvaney, and Giuliani. The clock of justice is ticking.

Vote in 2020 for Change.

  • December 18, 2019