You have proven all those progressives correct who warned, “Do not trust the Never Trumpers.”  Those Never Trumpers are conservatives who will oppose a progressive agenda with the same vehemence they hurl at Trump.  And if it is a choice between Trump and maybe paying more in taxes or having universal healthcare, they will choose Trump. 

They have to protect their wallets.

Schmidt was given way too much on Nicole Wallace’s MSNBC show to trash Democrats.  He spent his time doing all the false equivalencies.  Schmidt said the political system was broken.  The Democratic Party is not broken.  The Republican Party is broken, and who helped break it Steve?

I’d look in that mirror Dude.

Also, Steve Schmidt proved that even the best politicos can have terrible judgements and repeat those same bad judgements — recruiting Sarah Palin to the Republican presidential ticket in 2008. Let’s let that sink in.  Sarah Palin almost a heartbeat away from president.  

You helped foist that monstrosity on the political system and the rest of us Steve.

And Schmidt spent his time saying about the illiberalism of our times.  Who helped create these times?  And Democrats are no where near as bad as Trump and Republicans when it comes to illiberalism.  And guess what?  No one is shutting down your candidate.  How many Democrats get to go on “60 Minutes” or “Morning Joe”?

I think what really scares Steve Schmidt is that his manifest failures may finally lead to parts of a progressive agenda getting enacted.  Think about what it will mean if we move toward universal healthcare?  This scares the living shit out of conservatives.

This is why you see the likes of Schmidt attach himself like a tick to Schultz.

But thanks for the reminder that you were never a friend to progressives.

Keep this in mind when you see the rest of the Never Trumpers in action.

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