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Thank You Ana Maria Archila and Maria Gallagher for Confronting the Cowardly Sen. Flake.

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In the darkness of this immoral political epoch we find ourselves in, two women — Ana Maria Archila and Maria Gallagher — have shown us what real courage is.  I am convinced that we now have an FBI investigation of Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh because of Archila’s and Gallagher’s confrontation with the cowardly Republican Senator Jeff Flake.  It was only after they both confronted Flake that there was an announcement of a “deal” to have a one week FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh.

Word of advice to Senate Republicans:  survivors of rape will not wait patiently to be heard in a Judiciary Committee hearing.  They will confront you wherever you may show up.  And technology makes it possible to record and upload those confrontations to the internet.  In other words, 24/7 loops of Republicans acting like Homo erectus can happen anywhere at any time.

Archila and Gallagher also show us that despicable old snappy turtles like Mitch McConnell can have their precious time tables adjusted.  And it must be quite a come down for Chuck “I’M IN CHARGE HERE!” Grassley.  Two women call out Flake for supporting a rapist for the SCOTUS, and suddenly, Grassley and McConnell are asking Trump to support an FBI investigation of Kavanaugh.

Oh, ain’t it amazing that once one Republican coward shows he can be moved that a few others pipe up?  Murkowski was suddenly all “We need a one week delay to have an FBI investigation.”  Um, where were you earlier?  You and Flake are both U.S. Senators.  I’m reasonably sure you could have asked for this SOONER.  And if Murkowski suddenly finds some “courage” to ask for the obvious, guess who decides it’s time to join the others?  Yes, our favorite pseudo moderate Susan Collins!

Yes, the FBI does not reach conclusions.  It’s up to prosecutors to move on what the FBI reports.  But an FBI report will cut through a lot of the lies that Kavanaugh and his allies are spreading.  And, as others have pointed out here on Daily Kos, Kavanaugh has opened himself up to multiple charges of lying under oath.  Hopefully, some of those lies will be exposed in an FBI report.  And I’m betting that is something that Kavanuagh fears will up end his coronation.

Thank you Ana Maria Archila and Maria Gallagher.  We may not stop Kavanaugh in the end.  But if we do, the nation owes you a debt of gratitude.

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