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Thank you, America

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Throughout the Democratic primaries, the dueling campaigns, and finally the day of November 3rd, I feared the United States would let me down. I have blown the horn of warning to anyone who would listen that this election was not a referendum on Donald Trump it was a referendum on America. It was disappointing that over 70 million of us voted for someone who is the definition of fascism but thankfully 80 million of us did not. The media did what I expected, they immediately chased the losers to find out how the winners could soothe their bruised egos. CNN, the New York Times, and others, predictably foisted think pieces upon us as to why the Democrats alienated so many. They repeated the claims of people with a giant letter Q draped around their necks and shoved microphones in the faces of screaming red hat-wearing bigots, racist, and loud-mouths.

I do not remember any tortured analysis or handwringing when former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, whose popular vote total topped Mr. Trump by 3 million people—instead, she was mocked for taking a day to concede. Day after day jokes of her walks in the woods and comparisons to liberals as snowflakes were considered the spoils of the victors. How about asking the Republicans about the 80 million people who rejected the GOP president vis-à-vie the Republican party.

I do want to thank America…  

Thank you, for recognizing that your holiday turkey came dressed this Thanksgiving as Donald ‘lame’ Duck.

Thank you, for allowing Rudy Giuliani to head a faction of lawyers reminiscent of the Three Stooges firm of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe, on behalf of the President’s coup d'état attempt.

Thank you, for laughing along with me at the invention of hair dye, you were priceless Rudy.

…and thank you, thank you, thank you for a 64 second Trump press conference.

Four years of President Trump testing the loyalty of his subordinates by lying and waiting for their reactions have finally come to an end. He has his party cowering at the tip of his Twitter finger. Rupert Murdoch the founder of News Corp, is purportedly considering a 100 million dollar contract offer to Mr. Trump, ostensibly to get him to lay off his withering criticism of Fox News’ reporting of his loss. Republican leaders are twisting themselves into so many knots to avoid calling President-elect Joe Biden the unquestioned winner of the election, the cramps must be excruciating.  

Many of us will be bereft of family and friends because of the pandemic this Thanksgiving and the disastrous mishandling of its continuing effects but try remaining thankful. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are standing on food lines, fearful of taking a yet to be proven vaccine and learning what Zoom means. I imagine bandwidth and cell phone towers will be burning with traffic, as a grandfather, I am thankful for the technology. One of my favorite Thanksgiving poems was written by Lydia Maria Child-Thanksgiving Day [Over the River and Through the Woods]. The past four years have been a long and hard slog, a stanza from the Child poem lets me know that our patience will be rewarded in 56 days:

 Over the river and through the wood,

   And straight through the barn-yard gate.

        We seem to go

        Extremely slow–

   It is so hard to wait!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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