Thank God The Major Democratic Presidential Candidates Are Not Listening To The Cowards.

A bit of hope after such an god awful weekend of carnage — the major Democratic presidential candidates are calling out Trump’s racism and blaming him for those deaths.  This is a major step for the Democratic Party because the ones who are running for president are not listening to the cowards in the party who do not want to discuss racism or the evil of Trump.  

Think this is hyperbole?  Let me take you back to what seems like the Dark Ages but was only a few weeks ago.  There were several Democrats who were busy trashing The Squad.  And they blamed The Squad for hijacking the Democratic message on “bread and butter issues.”  Implied in all of this was that Democrats should not talk about racism.

House Democrats were united in their vote to condemn President Donald Trump’s racist tweets this week, but some Democratic lawmakers are quietly expressing concern that far-left progressives have outsized influence in their caucus …

“The President’s words and actions speak for themselves. We need to focus on the issues that got (Democrats) here: jobs, health care … instead of the issues the President brings up deliberately,” said one House Democratic lawmaker, who asked for anonymity to speak freely. “Anything that takes away from bread-and-butter issues is playing into his hands.”

“The President won this one,” said another House Democratic lawmaker of the showdown. “What the President has done is politically brilliant. Pelosi was trying to marginalize these folks, and the President has now identified the entire party with them.”

The argument was that it didn’t pay to take on Trump’s racism.  And these brave Democrats who argued for this political strategy didn’t want to go on the record.  It was easier to rush to CNN and tell Jake Tapper without going on the record that Democrats should focus on something else besides racism and Trump’s racist policies.

Besides, Trump won that one, and he was “politically brilliant.”

Now, we have the El Paso massacre.  And Trump is responsible for this.  Our presidential candidates have even said so, and I thank God for that.  Maybe we will treat public safety and the spread of  white terrorism as important issues now?  All it takes is some leadership and COURAGE.