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Texas teacher: Hey Asian Girl … You don’t fit the stereotype.

A Texas teacher in the Pearland ISD displayed a racist act with a fourteen-year-old student that demands attention from the district immediately. The teacher singled out an Asian and Indian student for ridicule.

But one of the students would not play along. She wrote the following in her own words and got her mother, Dr. Dona Kim Murphey, a well-known community activist, involved.

At the beginning of 4th period, Mrs. B left the class for a few minutes and said she’d be back. The class just worked quietly.

Like 30 seconds to 1 minute later, 2 people that I assume were faculty members, came into the room. (It was unclear whether Mrs. B sent them in to look over us or not.) Mr. Teacher One walked up to the board, and pointed out that we were writing something down about population density, which we were. Then, he said that we (as a class) should know what population density is because we were an AP class. I just continued to write.

Then, Mr. Teacher One pointed to me and said “HEY ASIAN GIRL. What’s population density?” And of course, I know what population density is, but one, I hate being put on the spot, and two, I was in complete and utter shock that I had just been referred to as “Asian girl”. Right after calling me out and me answering with “I don’t know” under my breath, Mr. Teacher One remarked “Well, you don't fit the stereotype.”

Then he moved on to a kid sitting to the left of me, to whom he proceeded to say, “HEY INDIAN BOY. What’s population density?” I’m not sure how this student felt about this situation, but I was sitting with my jaw hanging open and my face flushed red from embarrassment from being called out in front of the entire class. Mr. Teacher One said that this student did not fit the stereotype, either.
When my teacher returned, Mr. Teacher One remarked, “They don’t fit the stereotypes. They’re not smart.”

Dr. Dona Kim Murphey explains the incident with Texas Teacher.

The quality of the audio is not very good. The audio sounded perfect, live, but the recorded version was not very good, a bug in the new version of Wirecast.

Dona pointed out that her daughter's actual teacher was very apologetic and displayed the necessary concern for her daughter. She was unable to get the school district to tell her what disciplinary actions were to be taken on the offending Pearland Texas teacher.

At every step, Dona's daughter encouraged her mother to keep escalating the issue. After all, the Pearland Independent school district has had many racial incidents including one in which the assistant principal colored a black kid's designed in his head with a black magic marker.

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