Nothing like another Republican “leader” abandoning his responsibilities.  The message from Texas Governor Greg Abbot to his fellow Texans is basically, “Ya’ll need to do something about the coronavirus!”  Abbott was one of those who couldn’t wait to reopen the state of Texas and get back to normal, even though Texas like many other states did not even meet the minimal requirements put forward by the CDC to come out of a lockdown from the coronavirus.  Now, Abbott announced that there will be another record breaking day with regards to coronavirus cases in Texas.  And Texas is facing a “massive outbreak” of COVID-19.

AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday that the state is facing a “massive outbreak” in the coronavirus pandemic and that some new local restrictions may be needed to protect hospital space for new patients.

In a series of midday interviews with television stations, Abbott said Texas would again pass 5,000 new coronavirus cases and more than 4,000 hospital patients with COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus. Texas passed both thresholds for the first time Tuesday.

“There is a massive outbreak of COVID-19 across the state of Texas,” Abbott said in an interview with KFDA-TV in Amarillo.

Ya think?  And did you notice how “some new local restrictions may be needed to protect hospital space for new patients”?  Not the state mandating it.  Oh no.  Can’t have the state mandate anything.  Therefore, Abbott will pass the buck to the local governments instead.

Wait a minute?  Didn’t I read something before where Abbot signed some executive order that superseded anything local governments might do about COVID-19?

In late April, as Harris County (Houston) officials were trying to enforce penalties for not wearing a mask, Abbott overruled them. “We strongly recommend that everyone wear a mask,” he said. “However, it's not a mandate. And we make clear that no jurisdiction can impose any type of penalty or fine. My executive order, it supersedes local orders, with regard to any type of fine or penalty for anyone not wearing a mask.”

I’m confused.  Abbott wants the local governments to now do something about the coronavirus pandemic?  But he told the mayors and other local leaders, “Don’t get in my way!”  Why would he do that I wonder?  In fact, Abbot is now blaming the local governments and all those yougins in Texas for the spread of the coronavirus.

Then, last week, an Abbott spokeswoman said this: “None of these local officials have lifted a finger to impose penalties and enforcement mechanisms currently available to them. The one time a county judge did, a business owner wound up in jail.” Which would seem to suggest that local officials had the all-clear to impose fines for not wearing masks.
“Most Texans are willing to do whatever it takes to get through the pandemic, but a very loud contingent on the right of the Republican Party has skewered Abbott every time he has laid down new restrictions, and big business is antsy to get everyone back to work. Republican officials have tried to deflect this anger toward city and county officials. By quashing local officials' mask mandates only to later let them reinstitute mandates anyway in a slightly different form, Abbott is trying to have it many different ways.”

Emboldened is mine.

So the Trumpsters and big business wanted to get back to business as usual pre-COVID-19.

And it is simply amazing that a bunch of Texans are not taking the coronavirus seriously.  /s.  Abbott is now trying to tell those Texans that watch FOX or listen to Governor Abbott that the coronavirus is still around and a serious threat.  And they should stay home!

This from the guy who opened the bars in Texas.

Seems Trump is not the only politician to tell Americans they are on their own when it comes to the coronavirus.

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