Terry McAuliffe (D. VA) & People For The American Way Team Up To Flip The VA Legislature Blue

I received this e-mail today from former Governor Terry McAuliffe (D. VA) on behalf of the People For The American Way:

I’m writing today to ask for your help in next month’s critical elections in Virginia (now just two weeks away).

I am proud of what we accomplished in Virginia during my time as governor. We brought the right to vote to people who were the victims of a racist, Jim Crow-era policy that permanently disenfranchised citizens with past felony convictions by restoring rights to over 180,000 Virginians. We expanded educational opportunities for Dreamers in Virginia, signed an executive order to combat LGBTQ discrimination, defended women’s health clinics from right-wing attempts to shut them down, and so much more… but it was all in spite of Republican majorities in both houses who fought us every step of the way. Just think what we could have done with Democratic majorities in our legislature.

In fact, as governor, I proudly vetoed more extreme right-wing legislation than any other governor – attacks on women, LGBTQ people, immigrants, workers, health care, voting, and the environment. My 120 vetoes were a Virginia record.

And then in 2017, with the help of People For the American Way and PFAW members like you, Democrats cut the Republican majorities significantly, giving Virginia the ability to continue the fight we started when I was governor and finally pass the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion so that hundreds of thousands of low-income Virginians were finally able to get health care coverage.

But all of these accomplishments could be lost if Republicans win this year and expand their majorities in the state legislature.

So I’m asking, with Election Day less than a month away, will you donate now to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot in Virginia and pave the way for progress in a vital swing state and across the country?

Yes – count me in! I’ll chip in now>>

Virginia is an increasingly important bellwether state on the national stage, and it can be the first southern state in the modern era to have its government controlled by Democrats from top to bottom. Just imagine what we can accomplish then.

That’s a story that could inspire blue waves all across the country next year. And we are SO CLOSE to making it happen – we only need to flip TWO SEATS in each chamber of Virginia’s legislature!

That’s where you and People For the American Way come in. PFAW and its members like you have been instrumental in helping to defeat right-wing extremism and Trump’s bigoted campaign playbook in Virginia, steadily moving the Commonwealth in a more progressive direction over the past several election cycles.

PFAW’s extraordinary work has been critical to driving up turnout and the Democratic margin among Virginia’s fast-growing Latino community. And Virginia has been the perfect example of the power of Next Up Victory Fund, as it has worked to build a deep bench of progressive candidates who can strengthen our democracy and reflect the diversity of our nation.

This election is a chance not only to continue that work but to finish the job.

We have just two weeks to go and Republicans, backed by endless corporate and right-wing Big Money, are running on Trump’s campaign playbook of lies and bigotry.

Please chip in as generously as you can to PFAW now to flip Virginia blue!>>

Recent polling has shown that Virginians WANT Democratic majorities in the legislature by double digits! But because of Republican gerrymandering, flipping the two seats needed in both the Senate and the House of Delegates to make that happen is a steep uphill climb.

And gerrymandering is a central issue in this election for another reason: because whichever party wins the majorities in this election, before next year’s national census, will control the redistricting process that will draw the district maps for the following 10 years – including federal congressional districts!

What happens in Virginia will have tremendous national consequence. Redistricting will impact the makeup of Congress; the party that wins will seize momentum for 2020; a Democratic win could embolden Democratic efforts nationally to hold Trump accountable; and with Democratic majorities in the Virginia legislature, we could even finally pass the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (only one more state is needed to ratify!)…

If all of this sounds good to you and you want to count yourself as being part of making it happen, then please chip in now to make sure PFAW’s electoral programs are as strong as they need to be to turn Virginia blue!>>

Thank you for everything you do in the ongoing fight for progress and the American Way.


Terry McAuliffe
72nd Governor of Virginia

Click here to donate to the PFAW’s efforts to flip Virginia blue.