Ted Nugent compares the NRA to Jews, New York's AG to the Nazis, and himself to Oskar Schindler

Full disclosure: I actually interviewed Ted Nugent once, years ago, when I was working for — ironically — an entertainment publication.

I asked him about the time he told an interviewer that former U.S. attorney general Janet Reno was “worse than Hitler.” He defended that, somehow.

He quickly ended the interview, however, after he said something disparaging about the Grateful Dead and I confided that I liked the Grateful Dead.

That was a bridge too far for the animal-murdering pants-shitter.

Craven pants-crapping aside, it’s heartening to see that Nugent is still violating Godwin’s Law like a champ.

Here he was earlier today on Alex Jones’ Pants-Pooing Conspiracy Hour, grousing about New York Attorney General Letitia James’ recent Daffy Duck shotgun blast to the NRA’s goofy fucking face.

Via Media Matters:

NUGENT: We know this New York attorney general hates gun owners–

JONES: I was about to say, how can you have Hitler investigate, say, Jews?

NUGENT: It’s unbelievable. You know why they hate me, because I’m Schindler but I got a whole bunch of more Jews that I’m saving and the Nazis hate me for that.

JONES: Beautiful. Well, I believe the NRA's done nothing wrong. I’ve had them lie about me with financial stuff, it's total fiction, total fraud. The NRA does a great job, especially since you got involved. It’s really gotten hardcore and we love you. We need to get NRATV going again.

In other words, if you’re a gun owner, Ted Nugent’s message to you is “Join the NRA so its executives can keep stealing gobs of money.”

And pay no attention to that man behind the curtain … shitting his pants to get out of the draft (allegedly). It’s just the Nuge.

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