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Ted Lieu's latest tweet on Trump's Medicare cuts minces no words

This is the bludgeon we can use to pulverize Trump from now until November 2020:


Thank you, Rep. Lieu.

And here’s a bit of background, from The Washington Post:

The budget released by the White House on Monday also calls for a sizable reduction for Medicare, the federal insurance for older Americans that President Trump has consistently vowed to protect. Most of the trims relate to changing payments to doctors and hospitals, and renewed efforts to ferret out fraud and wasteful billing — oft-cited targets by presidents of both parties.

Gee, it’s almost like that giant tax cut that everyone said would explode the deficit and prompt Republicans to make deep cuts to domestic spending and entitlements has exploded the deficit and prompted Republicans to make deep cuts to domestic spending and entitlements!

Who could have ever seen that coming?

Sometimes we progressives get a little too clever with our talking points. Trump has given us this one on a silver platter. It’s okay to keep it simple, don’t you think?


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