Ted Lieu's first campaign ad is amazing

Lot to unpack here…. so review and leave a comment as to what you think…


Trump was desperate for this rally. It was held for the same reason his campaign is spending hundreds of thousands running ads in the DC market—to stroke his ego. Republican leaders were certain if he could have throngs of cheering people he would be in a better mood. They picked the reddest place they could find, ensured racist undertones, and expected it to work like magic.

Instead, it was a complete and utter disaster.

Beyond the blatant racism, and saying out loud that he cut testing on purpose to hide COVID numbers, Trump devoted 15 minutes out of a one hour 45 minute meandering speech ranting about  why he has trouble walking down a 3 degree incline and drinking water with one hand.  It was so sad to watch.

The Lincoln Project  had a field day:



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Trump’s minions are out on Fox Sunday and other shows saying that the promised million people didn’t show up because they were held back by imaginary protesters. Nope. Only 6K+ showed up because they didn’t want to hear a crazy person rant about drinking water. 

No policy initiatives, no leadership:  just a sad, petty little man whining about why he gets made fun of all the time. Now he gave his critics a treasure trove of new material.

Pa. The. Tic.