It’s pretty much a given that Donald Trump cares more about his reelection and his wealthy cronies’ stock portfolios than he does dying Chinese, Italian, and Iranian people, so maybe the fact that the Dow is plunging (down nearly 1,000 points as of this writing) will finally get his attention.

Or maybe not. Among those who think Trump has lost his damn mind when it comes to protecting our health is California Rep. Ted Lieu:


Even as he crows (i.e., lies) about the “greatest economy in the history of our country,” Trump is proposing drastic cuts to the Centers for Disease Control’s budget — a 16% haircut, to be exact. He also wants to reduce the Department of Health and Human Services’ budget by a whopping 10% and lower our contribution to the World Health Organization by $65 million, or 40%. That’s on top of a proposed 7% cut to the National Institutes of Health’s budget


Is it too simple to say it’s because his brain is more McRib sauce than brain at this point? Yes, the man who literally thinks exercise is bad for you is determining our future health in myriad ways.

That’s raised the ire of not just Lieu but other congressional Democrats as well.

For instance, Elizabeth Warren has a plan for that:


— Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) February 24, 2020

And Chuck Schumer has weighed in as well:


Say, remember when Trump wanted to bar a single health care worker who had contracted Ebola from entering the United States? I do:



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Yes, we could shut down our borders entirely or, here’s a thought, fully fund the agencies that are responsible for responding to epidemics.

Well, now that rich people’s money is at stake, maybe he’ll finally relent. One can hope, anyway.

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