Ted Cruz's latest straight-faced dishonesty: 'You didn't see us try to pack the court'

Ted Cruz has been accused of a lot of things: being the Zodiac Killer; being from Canada; being a churlish Sea Monkey that grew out of control in a secret Area 51 lab before escaping into the forest with a family-size bag of Bugles and a sixer of Zima; being the son of a key JFK assassination conspiracist; spending the past four years hiding in Donald Trump’s Underoos like a colicky baby wallaby; having the personality of a clammy loaf of reduced-salt Wonder Bread; running away to Cancun when his home state was in crisis; having a black, bloodless knot of a heart the size of a runty chickpea.

The list goes on.

But one thing few people have ever accused Cruz of is forthrightness.

Case in point: Republicans, once again, are trying to pretend the stuff you saw them do just a few short years ago—stuff like run up the deficit and block Barack Obama’s federal and Supreme Court nominations—never really happened.

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May 6, 2021 2:03 pm

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